beach1There are three private beaches in Watch Hill with access to the public.  They include East Beach, the Watch Hill Merry-Go-Round Beach, and the Napatree Point Conservation Area. Watch Hill Merry-Go-Round Beach is open to the public for a fee and is free to Fire District Residents. There are also bathing facilities and lavatories available. Cabanas can be rented seasonally or daily for a fee.

East Beach is accessible through entrances located on Bluff Avenue and Manatuck Avenue. Please note that while the beach is open to the public, they are privately owned.  There are neither lifeguards on duty.  Parking is available in multiple lots on Bay Street and Larkin Road.  Street parking is prohibited at the netrances and monitored closely by the Westerly Police Department. During the early summer months, areas are marked off for preservation of the Piping Plover, an endangered species of local dune-dwelling bird. Please give these areas a wide birth, and keep dogs on leashes.

beach2Napatree Point Conservation Area and beach is accessible via an entrance from the access road immediately adjacent to The Misquamicut Club parking lot. Foot paths are marked, and visitors are instructed to remain on the paths at all times. This sensitive area is also home to the Piping Plover and as with East Beach, will have several areas marked off during the early summer months.

For those wishing to visit any of Watch Hill’s beaches, pay parking is available for the day and bike racks are available in the Merchant Lot on Bay Street. Please visit our “parking” section for more information. For those coming by boat, there is a public dinghy dock available.