The historic Flying Horse Merry-Go-Round, in continuous operation since 1867, thrives as a simple form of entertainment that has delighted generations of children. The salt from the ocean air, blowing sand and summer storms all take a toll on our hand-carved stable of flying horses.

The Fire District, in cooperation with The Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society, scrupulously maintains this historic landmark to ensure it continues to entertain the generations to come. For information on how you can contribute to the preservation of the Merry-Go-Round,  go to

The Watch Hill Merry-Go-Round is located at the corner of Bay Street and Larkin Road in downtown Watch Hill.

Tickets can be purchased in the building to the right of the merry-go-round.

More information on ticketing and operating hours can be found on the
Watch Hill Merry-Go-Round’s website.

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