How can I get my resident parking sticker?

Fire District Spring Packets, including Resident Parking Stickers and other pertinent summer information, are held in the District office in the basement of the firehouse at 222 Watch Hill Road. They are available for pick up between 9am and 12 noon on the three days of Memorial Day weekend, and after that, on Saturday mornings between 9am and 12 noon, throughout the summer. To authorize someone to pick up your packet for you, or should special circumstances require a different method of delivery, please email  or leave a message on the office phone 401-348-6540 to make other arrangements.

How can I get my hurricane pass?

Hurricane passes no longer come from the Fire District, rather they are distributed by the Town of Westerly in the property tax mailing in June of each year.

What can I do if my trash has not been picked up?

Sometimes, our trash contractor’s access to a resident’s trash area through the driveway is blocked, which causes delays in pickup. Additionally, if cardboard boxes are not broken down, they will not be picked up on recycling days. The best way to avoid missed pickups is to make sure access is clear on pickup days, no later than 8:00 am, and that recycling is properly broken down. If the transfer station is closed on a holiday, or if construction work is blocking access, this too may delay pickup. The best way to reach our contractor, Steve Piccolo, is to text his cell phone 401-954-2715.  In the event of repeated issues, please email for assistance.

How and when can I see my tax bill? Can I pay it online?

Fire District tax bills are mailed in the beginning of August to the taxpayer address that is registered with the Town of Westerly. Payment is due by September 30th. Beginning in August of 2023, we hope to have tax bills on-line.  Stay tuned for updates!

How do I schedule an inspection for my home or business?

The Fire Department conducts smoke and CO detector inspections, reviews residential and commercial building plans, and issues tent and firework permits. For applications, forms and fees, go to the “Public Info” tab on

Are dogs permitted on the beach?

In accordance with Town of Westerly Ordinance 76-8: Leashed, registered dogs are allowed from the day after Labor Day to May 1 at any time.

From May 2 to Labor Day, leashed, registered dogs are allowed from 6:00 PM until 8:00 AM. Droppings must be picked up and removed from the beach by the individual walking or having control of the dog. 

Dogs and people are prohibited from any nesting bird areas demarcated by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service or its partners, designees, and agents. Violators may be prosecuted.

Can the gazebo or other village locations be reserved for private events?

The Village Park, including the gazebo, is open to the public for the benefit of all; as such, it cannot be reserved or rented for private events.

Are vehicles permitted on the beaches?

Vehicles are never permitted on the Napatree Point Conservation Area, including bicycles.

Per Town of Westerly and State ordinances, vehicles with proper permits from the RIDEM are permitted on East Beach between the Saturday after Labor Day and April 30th and must abide by the RIDEM regulations including:

  • Vehicles are prohibited on dunes or within 75 feet of the dune crest except on trails marked expressly for vehicle use. Prohibited areas may or may not be vegetated.
  • Vehicles are prohibited in vegetated areas anywhere on the barrier.
  • Parking on the dunes or other vegetated areas at any time shall result in revocation of the Beach Vehicle Pass.
  • Vehicle access to the beach shall only be through authorized trails.

No vehicles are permitted during the summer season.

What are the Fire District’s Open Burn rules? Are Bonfires allowed on the beach?

In general, open fires, including Bon fires, are not permitted anywhere in the District.

Fires are not allowed on the Napatree Point Conservation Area under any circumstances.

For more specific questions, please email the Fire Chief at

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