May 17, 2023

Dear Property Owner:

In preparation for this year’s annual meeting on July 8, 2023, I want to review for all Watch Hill potential voters the eligibility to vote as set forth in the Fire District Charter.

Those eligible to vote include:

1) each person registered to vote in Westerly from a registered address within the District,

2) each individual person named on a recorded deed on Watch Hill property (e.g., non-resident spouses/family members owning property – who are each named on the deed – would each be entitled to a vote), and

3) each trust or other entity (corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, etc.), owning property, provided that each trust or other entity would be entitled to only a single vote. That entity must submit a notarized affidavit (copy attached), indicating who is to cast the vote for that entity.

To cast your vote you must attend the annual meeting. Proxy voting is not permitted under our Charter.

Each eligible voter is entitled to a single vote, notwithstanding ownership of multiple lots or the fact that any registered Westerly voter living within the District also owns real property within the District.

In reviewing our voter list, we have noted that many trusts, corporations, partnerships, LLC’s, etc. do not have a current affidavit (as referred to in 3 above) on file. If you wish to vote at this year’s annual meeting, you must submit a completed affidavit to the Fire District office no later than July 5, 2023.

If you have not already done so, please also provide us with an email address so that we may better communicate with you on a timely basis. We do not disseminate your address to any other person or entity. Should you have any questions, please contact the Fire District office at or leave a message at (401) 348-6450.


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